Many photo clubs hold various competitions throughout the year. To enter you MUST check the individual competition rules to make sure you are entering correctly. And do check those Terms and Conditions!

Below are links to PDF's with general information about entering photo competitions.

1. For a list of category title definitions:

Competition category definitions.pdf

2. How to prepare your photos for competitions:

Competition entries - How to enter your photos 2018.pdf

3. How to Title your photos:


For information on how to prepare your Images for competitions using Photoshop:

Photoshop - 21. Image resizing - new sizes.pdf

Photoshop - 25b. High Pass filter.pdf

Photoshop - 26a. Adding extra canvas for Digital Projected Images..pdf

These are just rough guidance notes. You will probably need to adjust these notes for your version of your photo editing suite. (Eg: CC, E15, Lightroom, etc)